When Should I Go To Urgent Care Instead of the ER?

When Should I Go To Urgent Care Instead of the ER?

Allergic reactions, accidents, and infections are part of life. However, when symptoms escalate, many people find themselves wondering what type of medical attention they need. 

Our experts at Casa De Salud provide urgent care medical services at their two offices in Los Angeles, California. Read on to learn the difference between urgent and emergency care, and find out how you can make an informed decision when in need of medical help. 

Understanding the difference between urgent care and ER

Urgent care centers are perfect for non-emergency situations that still require immediate medical attention. One example is having a deep cut on your thumb that continues to bleed but isn’t deep enough to cause worry about losing the digit. 

Urgent care centers are also ideal for patients who need to see a medical professional outside the usual business hours without scheduling an appointment. Common reasons for seeking urgent care include the following:

ER services are best when you have injuries that are life-threatening or may cause you to lose a limb, or when you’re experiencing symptoms that may indicate a life-threatening disease. 

Symptoms that should prompt a trip to the ER include (but are not limited to) difficulty breathing, loss of consciousness, severe chest pain, and coughing blood. 

Urgent care benefits 

It may seem a good idea to go straight to the ER if you’re dealing with injuries or odd symptoms. However, unless these are life-threatening, you may end up waiting for a long time and delay treatment, as health professionals will attend to more serious cases first. 

When opting for urgent care, you’ll pay less for the medical services and get help faster. Urgent care centers are less expensive than emergency rooms because they aren’t open 24/7. 

What happens at an urgent care clinic

Depending on your symptoms, once you arrive at the Casa De Salud clinic, our receptionist will let you know whether you need immediate urgent care or emergency care, or if you can schedule an appointment for another time. 

If you do need urgent care, our specialists will see you as soon as possible and provide you with prompt treatment. 

Learn more about urgent care centers in Los Angeles, California 

If you live in Los Angeles, California, and need prompt medical attention, you can find us in two locations: South Vermont Avenue and East Washington Boulevard. If you’re dealing with an ongoing, chronic disease such as diabetes or heart disease, you can reach us by scheduling an appointment by phone or online. 

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