Common Causes of Hypertension in Seniors

Are you above the age of 65 and experiencing worsening brain fog? Are you a senior who feels increasingly confused, but you presume it is merely part of age-induced mental decline? Are you doing your best to cope with fatigue or exhaustion on a recurring basis, but see no improvement? If any of these symptoms apply to you, don’t assume your symptoms are a natural part of aging. If you are above the age of 65 and have a general feeling of malaise, you may be suffering from hypertension. 

Growing older doesn’t mean you should tolerate feeling unwell in silence or on your own. At Casa de Salud in Downtown and Adams Normandie, Los Angeles, Dr. Afshin Akhavan will help you to get your hypertension and its corresponding symptoms under control. Through proper diagnosis and efficient treatment, we will help you to feel your personal best. 

Hypertension 101

Hypertension, otherwise known as high blood pressure, is the measure of the rate that blood pumps through your body’s arteries from the heart. High blood pressure is a widespread condition that affects 75 million Americans, but those over the age of 65 are at an increased risk. In spite of its commonality, hypertension is no trivial matter. If not properly diagnosed and treated, hypertension can lead to life-threatening complications, such as heart disease and stroke. 

Causes of hypertension 

Knowing which of the two categories of hypertension you may have, either primary or secondary, will help to determine your treatment. Primary hypertension is believed to be genetic and has no official cause. Secondary hypertension, however, can be the consequence of another condition, including:

Symptoms of hypertension

Due to their subtlety, the symptoms of hypertension can be incorrectly attributed to age. If the symptoms of high blood pressure appear at all, they can also mimic other health conditions. Knowing what combination of signs to watch for will assist in preventing further complications and can help to slow hypertension’s progression. Hypertension symptoms are unique to each individual, but may include: 

While the symptoms of hypertension are worrisome enough on their own, when combined with additional risk-factors, they are even more concerning. Hypertension can have grave consequences if left untreated. It is imperative to diagnose and treat the condition early to prevent further complications from arising. At Casa de Salud, we want you to feel your best, no matter your life stage. If you suspect hypertension is the cause of your woes, give us a call or book your appointment using our online scheduling tool today. 

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